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Welcome Parents!

Dear Parent/Guardian,


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Midwood High School. I am Carol Ardito, Midwood High School’s parent coordinator. My position is to act as a liaison for Parents, Midwood High School, and the community. My responsibilities include working with the school staff to resolve any issues and concerns pertaining to your child. Education is a partnership between the school and home. It involves the staff, parents and most importantly the child. We do all that we can to enable this to happen and encourage communication among everyone.  At Midwood, we want parents to be involved in their child’s education. I encourage you to join the Parents’ Association and take an active role.


Midwood utilizes Pupilpath. It is a student information system for parents and students.

Pupilpath allows parents and students to view important student and school information such as daily attendance, class schedule, assignment due dates and class grades, graduation eligibility and more. This is a convenient tool for both parents and students to access class work and important information. If you need your parent registration code, please contact me with your child’s name and student id number {osis number}.          


Please feel free to contact me with any school related concerns or issues.

My office number is 718-724-8599 and I am located in room 136.

Please join my email contact list. My email address is


Best regards,

Carol Ardito

Parent Coordinator




Co-President - Ursula Edwards

Co-President - Skhy LoBianco- Boasi

Recording Secretary – Matthew Septimus

Treasurer – Jamie Lin


Ursula Edwards

Skhy LoBianco-Boasi

Fahima Akter

Lydia Morris

Kathy Ene

Victor Goldblum