• CCNY Poetry Contest Winners

    Congratulations to Agha Shah '18 and Regina Wong '18 for winning honorable mention in the CCNY Poetry Contest , a city-wide high school contest sponsored by City College. There were more than 3,000 submissions and we should all be very proud of this great accomplishment!

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • 2017 ELA Tutoring Schedule

    English Regents Tutoring Schedule: April-June 2017



    Monday,  9 &10,  351

    Tuesday,  9,  351

    Wednesday,  9 & 10,  351

    Thursday,  9,  351

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Math Department TUTORING SCHEDULE SPRING 2017

    Beginning 02/27/2017


    Per. 2 Room 332 Mr. Caldwell

    Per. 3 Room 403 Ms. Burch

    Per. 4 Room 403 Ms. Bang

    Per. 6 Room 367 Dr. Walters

    Per. 8 Room 232M Mr. Rameau

    Per. 9 Room 367 Ms. Mansour

    If tutoring is not available during your free period, peer tutoring is also available in room 403.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • SING

    Congratulations on a 2017 Senior Victory!


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Midwood Winners!

    Four Midwood students  have won cash prizes in the MLK Commission Annual Contest:
    Abdullah Tariq
    Cherene Tse
    Estrella Roberts
    Kaitha Agnant


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College

    Please see attachment for student participation in graduation ceremonies.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Welcome New Parents! Join the Parents Association.

    Please see attachment for the Parents' Association meeting dates.
    Midwood High School sends out emails and an electronic newsletter for parents/students.

    This newsletter contains important information for you and your child.

    Please fill out and submit this form and you will be added to the email list.
    To fill out the form go to:


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Urban Debate League Tournament hosted at Midwood.

    Of the 27 high schools in NYC competing in Public Forum - Midwood is still #1 - We beat some of the more seasoned team such as Bronx High School of Science, Bard HS Early College, Beacon, Queens Preparatory and Leon M. Goldstein.

    Of the 139 teams competing in Public Forum, Midwood's Novice Team place #4 and our Varsity Team placed #1 (That's a One with an O)

    Midwood All The Way!!

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Biographical & Emergency Contact Info

    Dear Parents & Guardians,
    For the safety and well-being of your child it is imperative that we have accurate biographical and emergency contact information on file for both you and your child.
    All changes of address, phone numbers, cell phone numbers,  guardianship and emergency contact persons must be reported to your child’s guidance counselor. It is  important to see  Ms. Burns in room 135 so all new emergency contact information can be updated in our ATS system.
    According to the Chancellor’s Regulations, all changes of address must be accompanied by a gas, electrical, or water bill.
    A mortgage statement is acceptable as well. If you rent and do not pay utilities, a notarized letter from your landlord is required.
    Additionally, change of guardianship requires a notarized form which is available at our school.
    Fern Bren
    Assistant Principal
    Pupil Personnel Service

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Welcome to the new Midwood website! Scroll through for announcements.

    Midwood's website has a new look! We have a new design that should make it easier to find all important information. 

    If you have any questions about the website, email


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Parent Consent Forms for Team Tryouts

    Before you try out for any team you must have a parent consent and medical form completed by a doctor, with his stamp and registry number.

    Parents must initial each line of the parent consent , as well as sign and date the parent consent and medical. 

    If you are anticipating trying out for any team, you should be getting this done now in preparation.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Free Microsoft Software

    The Department of Education has a new program which allows all students the ability to download Microsoft Office software for free.
    Please see the attached letter regarding this offer.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • School Meals Application

    We encourage families to complete
    their School Meals Application
    online so that they will not need
    to submit a paper form.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College

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  • Arts & Music
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education





Fall 2016 Sport – Starting August 17, 2016






Boys Bowling

Mike Moore


Boys Cross Country

Marc Cohen


JV Football

Michael Sundholm


V Football

Anthony Odita


Boys Soccer

Roger Padula


Girls Bowling

Mike Giordano


Girls Cross Country

Walter Cohen


Girls Soccer

Kendra Lane


Girls Swimming

Renee Goldfarb


Girls Tennis

Ashley Buttavacoli


Girls Volleyball

Thomasina Lenzi




Winter 2016-17 Sport Offerings




Boys JV Basketball

Drew Goodman

Boys Varsity Basketball

Victor Gjecaj

Boys Indoor Track

Marc Cohen

Boys Swimming

Lenny DeVirgilio


Mike Dowd


Girls JV Basketball

Jenny Ferrarin

Girls Varsity Basketball

Mike Moore

Girls Indoor Track

Walter Cohen


Spring 2017 Sport Offerings




Boys JV Baseball

Matt Brown

Boys V Baseball

Saverio Nardone


Mike Moore


Richard Tighe

Boys Handball

Kimberly Lau

Boys JV Lacrosse



Boys V Lacrosse

Zach Alexander

Boys Tennis

Victor Gjecaj

Boys Outdoor Track

Marc Cohen

Boys Volleyball

Thomasina Lenzi

Girls Handball

Jeff Williams

Girl JV Lacrosse

Kendra Lane

Girls V Lacrosse

Mike Giordano

Girls Outdoor Track

Walter Cohen


Jenny Ferrarin

Girls Flag Football

John Skelly

Girls Badminton*

Maggie Allen



* Projected


No medicals or parent consents should be mailed or faxed to school. They must be given directly to the coach.