• Incoming Student Programs

    All students new to Midwood High School will report to school on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 between 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM to receive their Fall 2017 programs.  Classes begin on the next day, Thursday, September 7, 2017, the schedule for Thursday will be posted on line. 

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Welcome New Parents! Join the Parents Association.

    Please see attachment for the Parents' Association meeting dates.
    Midwood High School sends out emails and an electronic newsletter for parents/students.

    This newsletter contains important information for you and your child.

    Please fill out and submit this form and you will be added to the email list.
    To fill out the form go to:


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Biographical & Emergency Contact Info

    Dear Parents & Guardians,
    For the safety and well-being of your child it is imperative that we have accurate biographical and emergency contact information on file for both you and your child.
    All changes of address, phone numbers, cell phone numbers,  guardianship and emergency contact persons must be reported to your child’s guidance counselor. It is  important to see  Ms. Burns in room 135 so all new emergency contact information can be updated in our ATS system.
    According to the Chancellor’s Regulations, all changes of address must be accompanied by a gas, electrical, or water bill.
    A mortgage statement is acceptable as well. If you rent and do not pay utilities, a notarized letter from your landlord is required.
    Additionally, change of guardianship requires a notarized form which is available at our school.
    Fern Bren
    Assistant Principal
    Pupil Personnel Service

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Welcome to the new Midwood website! Scroll through for announcements.

    Midwood's website has a new look! We have a new design that should make it easier to find all important information. 

    If you have any questions about the website, email


    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Parent Consent Forms for Team Tryouts

    Before you try out for any team you must have a parent consent and medical form completed by a doctor, with his stamp and registry number.

    Parents must initial each line of the parent consent , as well as sign and date the parent consent and medical. 

    If you are anticipating trying out for any team, you should be getting this done now in preparation.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • Free Microsoft Software

    The Department of Education has a new program which allows all students the ability to download Microsoft Office software for free.
    Please see the attached letter regarding this offer.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
  • School Meals Application

    We encourage families to complete
    their School Meals Application
    online so that they will not need
    to submit a paper form.

    Midwood High School at Brooklyn College


Staffed by two College Guidance Counselors, a College Office Secretary, and a College Office Assistant, we are here to assist Midwood students in their college exploration and application process.



  • Midwood High School College and Career Office


    May 2017

    Welcome to the College Office page!

    Many of you have come to the office with questions about Governor Cuomo's new tuition initiatives for 2017.   "Hey, I hear that tuition is free!" is a commonly heard exclamation from students in our office.  While tuition can be free for some students beginning in the year 2017-18, there is much more information than the small sound bites we've heard on the news.  Please look at the presentation under the Resources section on the left side of this page, titled *NEW* NYS Higher Education Scholarships for a detailed outline of the new initiatives.

    ALSO, Michael St. John Turner from the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation will be here to discuss all financial aid matters including the new initiatives at the next Parents' Association meeting on Tuesday, May 9 at 6 pm.  Mr. Turner is a highly sought after speaker in NYC high schools because he delivers clear, concise information that will help families understand the ins-and-outs of financial aid.  This presentation will be beneficial for all grades, and especially for parents of seniors and juniors.  We hope you can join us.


    If you have misplaced your Naviance registration code you must see your Guidance Counselor for the code or come to the College Office to reset your password.  We expect ALL students to be registered on Naviance.  It's the best way for you to research your colleges and universities.

    It's not too early to get started on your college office files.  Remember the three short references and the other documents that were discussed in your English classes in March?  If you don't remember what was discussed in your junior orientations, you can view the presentation under the Resources tab.  All college office documents have been attached to this website AND are on your Naviance accounts.  ALSO, you should be reviewing the College Office Handbook for important procedures.  There's a checklist on the first three pages - print those sheets out and get started!  Or, if you'd rather use your phone, add the checklist items and get going!  Of course, we strongly encourage you to visit the college office with any questions you have.




    Your Senior Questionnaire (survey) is due Friday, May 12!

    It's not too late to apply for scholarships!  Please see the Midwood scholarships attached to this website.  Deadlines are approaching!



    *FEE WAIVERS - please see Mr. Harper in the College Office between the hours of 8:30 and 1:30.

    *FACEBOOK - Have you heard?  We have a Facebook page!  Go to "Midwood High School College and Career Office" and LIKE our page for important updates and information.

    College Office