Student courses are now available on the pupilpath dashboard

Student courses are now available on the pupilpath dashboard. In the attachment below, you will find your official class, your day assignment (updated as of 9/8/20), your guidance counselor’s name, and student pupilpath registration code. The list is sorted by Student ID number.


If you are new to Midwood, you must reregister your pupilpath account as a Midwood student. Go to, click on Student Register, and fill out the appropriate information. If you forgot your pupilpath password, you should follow the same steps above to reregister your account and set a new password.


Guidance Counselors will contact their students to let them know the method of communication they will be using for program changes and other student needs. Please wait until receiving that information before contacting anyone about program errors. More detailed information about the program change process will be released soon.


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