Midwood Spring 2021 Information & Bell Schedule

Dear parents and students,

Midwood Spring 2021 Information

When setting out to program our Spring semester, we had to prepare for the possibility that students could return to school at some point before June. Currently there is no information about a timeline for High Schools to return to blended learning so all classes will remain remote until further notice. In September we built our school program with the understanding that some of our classes would be remote so we were not concerned about the number of classes during particular periods. However, if there is even a very small chance of students returning before June, we have to match our period classes to the number of physical classrooms at Midwood.

Our new bell schedule is included below. Typically, 9th and 10th grade classes will occur later so those students will likely be on a period 4-11 program. 11th and 12th grade classes are usually programmed earlier in the day. This new schedule also allows us to program a lunch period for most students.

Period Start End

1 7:15 AM 7:59 AM

2 8:00 AM 8:44 AM

3 8:47 AM 9:31 AM

4 9:34 AM 10:18 AM

5 10:21 AM 11:05 AM

6 11:08 AM 11:52 AM

7 11:55 AM 12:39 PM

8 12:42 PM 1:26 PM

9 1:29 PM 2:13 PM

10 2:16 PM 3:00 PM

11 3:03 PM 3:47 PM