Midwood's 75th SING Results

Midwood’s 75th SING was different from any other that we have performed before.   

The Covid restrictions meant that students who participated in SING 2021 could not write together, paint together, rehearse together, dance together, sing together, or act together.  All creative meetings occurred through Zoom.  All scenes, dances, songs, and band numbers were performed solo and self-recorded so only one person was in the room.  The footage was sent to a Google Classroom site and then combined digitally by Midwood’s CTE Media students.  There are no live audience for this year’s SING.  

I have many people to thank.  I would like to thank our Principal Michael McDonnell for agreeing that Midwood’s 75 year SING tradition should not die even during a pandemic.  I want to thank Alan Stack, our Assistant Principal Organization, for his support.  This digital event could not have happened without the time and expertise of Elizabeth Bommarito, Maureen Burch, Naomi O’Reilly, Alex Jung, Dan Jordan, and Elizabeth Bouise who helped student’s edit their sound and video.  Larry Kolotkin, Midwood’s COSA Director, produced the SING T-shirts that were designed by Senior Kelly Luo and the traditional SING programs. 

This year could not have been possible without Midwood’s Media students.  They helped train the SING talent to record themselves, collect the video, and edited it into the final projects.