NEW Blended Learning Assignments

NEW Blended Learning Assignments


The Department of Education and the Superintendent have asked us to provide as many days of in school instruction as possible to students who have opted into in-person school.  Based on the number of students who are attending on an everyday basis, we now feel comfortable providing 2 or 3 days of in-person school to those students who have opted in.  Starting on Monday, April 26th, the cohort schedule will be adjusted to the schedule below;


Mondays --- All ELL and SWD students

Tuesday and Wednesday -- Group A

Thursday and Friday -------- Group B

Remote students ------------ Group D


The attachment below is the updated list of Blended Students with their locations and day assignments. This list includes new opt-in students who completed the survey during the most recent opt-in period. Pupilpath will be updated to reflect the new day assignments.


Please note:

  • Students must complete the health screening every day they enter Midwood High School. This can be completed online: using the student’s DOE email address ( The student can also fill out a paper form before entry.
  • If a student feels ill, they should stay home.
  • Students should arrive in time to be seated in their POD by the time their first class begins. Keep in mind, students will likely need extra time to get through the health screening at the front door so please plan accordingly.
  • “Grab and go” food is available in the cafeteria every day. Students in the CGYM may go to the cafeteria in between classes or during their lunch period to get food and then return with it to their POD.
  • Laptops are available in the Auditorium for students to use while in the building.
  • Random Testing occurs weekly. Students are selected randomly and those selected must take a COVID test.


If you have any questions about your assignment, you may contact Mr. Peterson, Assistant Principal, Programming and Attendance at