Patterns 2021 Edition (Midwood's Literary Journal)

The 2020-21 school year presented so many obstacles to our students, but I'm so proud to say that the Patterns team (our literary journal club) managed to go virtual and put together another beautiful magazine full of the writings and artistic pursuits of our talented students.
This year, they chose "Nostalgia" as the theme, as many of us spent a lot of time at home thinking. Inside, you will find poems about the past, the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other miscellaneous musings.
Our kids never fail to amaze me as they find new ways to express themselves. Please read through and enjoy the 2021 edition of Patterns.
Any students interested in writing or art, reach out to me at so you can join our club/publication next year. Physical copies are being printed and if anyone would like one, email me.

Thanks, Ms. Pentangelo

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