Laptops for Requests are open FOR ALL STUDENTS


We know that the last 2 years have been a very difficult. Coming back to school in-person has been an exciting experience, but it also brought new challenges. Many people made huge leaps forward in terms of going digital. However, not all students were able to make the same leap.

Midwood HS has purchased Chromebook for students to use at home. If you apply and receive the device, we strongly encourage you to use it at home. If you are a student who needs a device to work on at home, please feel free to make the request using the form below.

These devices are being distributed with the intent and recommendation of home use.

Once verified, you will receive an email telling you when and where to pick up a Chromebook.

Important - the Chromebook does not have its own internal data service. It has to be connected to an outside Wi-Fi source to operate. If you do not have WiFi at home, the device is unusable. If you need a device with its own data service, we can issue you an iPad with a keyboard instead.

Additionally, any lost or damaged devices will not be replaced. You must be careful and responsible with these devices. The devices are expected to be returned in June of 2022.

You MUST fill out this form completely and truthfully. The order in which you fill it out will not matter. It is NOT first come, first serve. We will begin to distribute the devices early next week.