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Policies & Important Info

Equalization is the process by which students are moved from one section of a class to another.
The UFT contract specifically limits the numbers of students in classrooms. The administration has ten days from the opening of school to ensure that all classes are within contractual limitations.  We will be completing this process over the next few days.  Students will be moved from sections that are over-sized to new sections.  Almost all changes require the movement of a student from one section to another, however the student remains in the same subject class.  Even though the teacher may change, all classes that have multiple sections use the same calendar over the first ten days to ensure alignment of instruction. Any student grades from the first ten days will also follow the student and be used in the new class section.  Once a student has been "equalized", they are typically not required to change any other classes during that term.  Since the freshmen classes contain the largest number of "no-show" students, it is there that equalization is most likely to occur.  After a program change occurs it is impossible for a student to return to their old program.
Equalization is a random process.  Students are selected to change sections randomly.  We understand the concerns that parents and students have and that is why we have worked hard to limit equalization to only those changes that have to occur.  Sometimes students feel like they are forced to equalize while their friends have not.  I assure you that students are chosen by random selection even though it may not feel that way to your child.
I understand the concerns that this raises as well as the stress that you experience when your child is upset by these changes.  My son was equalized two or three times when he went to Midwood.  But I also know that as parents we want our children to experience all of life's wonders and struggles.  We are here to assist with any issues that arise from equalization.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime. ~Mr. McDonnell

It’s a New York state law, that students are required to be fully vaccinated against specific preventable diseases in order to attend school. All students need to provide proof of immunization upon enrollment and to ensure that returning students provide proof of immunization. Students will be excluded if they do not meet the requirements of providing proof of vaccination. Students who are listed as “excludable” (i.e., not in compliance with immunization requirements) on the RHIL report in ATS will not be able to attend school or class until all proof of vaccination was completed.

Immunization Requirements 

    • Two doses of the chicken pox (varicella) vaccine are now required for all students entering grades K-2 and grades 6-8.

    • Three to five doses of the polio (IPV/OPV) vaccine are now required for all students entering grades K-2 and grades 6-8. 

    • All students in grades 7 and 12, and District 75 students who are 12-years-old, and 16- to 17-years-old will be required to have the Meningococcal Quadrivalent Vaccine, MenACWY, previously known as MCV4 (brand names Menactra and Menveo). Students entering grade 7 must have received one dose of MenACWY, and students entering grade 12 must have received two doses of MenACWY, unless their first dose was administered at 16 years of age or older. If the student’s first MenACWY was administered at 16 years of age or older, then only one dose will be required. A third dose of MenACWY will be required for entry into grade 12, if the second dose of MenACWY was administered before a student turned 16-years-old.\


Please reach out to Ms.Coletti if you have any questions or concerns.


The federal Affordable Care Act requires everyone to obtain health insurance. If you or your staff receive questions from families about health insurance enrollment, please direct families to explore health insurance options here and apply online using the NY State of Health website. Note that students and their families who qualify for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or the Essential Plan can enroll online all year long, but should do so as soon as possible to avoid paying a penalty. Students and their families who do not qualify for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or the Essential Plan may enroll online in private health insurance plans during the next open-enrollment period. Families may also be able to enroll in private health insurance outside of the open-enrollment period if they experience a qualifying event, such as job loss or the birth of a child. You can distribute this letter to parents who inquire about health insurance enrollment policy.

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