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Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your interest in being a candidate for Mayor, Comptroller, Senior President and Vice President, Junior President, and Vice President, Sophomore President, and Vice President, or Freshmen President and Vice President. It is my hope that you will find this a challenging and worthwhile experience.




All applicants must:

·Be an enrolled student with regular school programs, have failed no courses in the second marking periods

of the spring term, and have at least an 80 GPA.


·Be of good character, and therefore, meet the approval of your Guidance Counselor, Mr. Kolotkin

(Coordinator of Student Affairs), and Mr. Franzese (Assistant Principal of Security) to run for office.


·Be aware of the responsibilities of the office for which they are running. As a class officer, you are required

to spend at least three [3] periods each week in the COSA office. As Mayor and Comptroller, you are

required to spend at least one [1] period each day in the COSA office.


Attached you will find an application and instructional procedures to run for office in the Student Government Elections. Follow each instruction carefully and answer all questions thoroughly.


Best of luck!


Mr. Kolotkin, Coordinator of Student Affairs


Important Dates:


05/03/2019: Applications are due in RM 417.

05/17/2019: Candidates are confirmed.

05/20/2019: Candidate Meeting. Campaigning begins.

05/31/2019: Election Day