The Department of Pupil Personnel Services provides assistance to students and parents in a wide variety of areas. We are here to guide, support and provide relevant information as students progress towards graduation. Our counselors will meet with students to create an individual educational plan, provide career guidance, and help in the decision making process.

The Guidance Counselors and support staff will work with students and their parents as they make the adjustment to high school and prepare for their post-secondary careers. Our relationship with Brooklyn College allows our students to study college courses on campus and the use of the library, labs, and sports facilities. We rank as one of the top high schools in the nation, twice receiving National recognition as a recipient of the Blue Ribbon award for academic excellence and are among the top high schools in the nation in the number of Intel semifinalists each year.

Our primary mission is the education of the whole student. “ENTER TO GROW IN BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT. DEPART TO SERVE BETTER YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR FELLOW MAN.”
Fern M. Bren, Assistant Principal for Guidance (Room 134, ext.8529)


*Letter in parentheses refers to official class*


Fern Bren (N)

Room 134 / Ext 8529


Marguerite Allen (A)

Room 156B / Ext 8595


Filomena Daniels (D)

Room 115 / Ext 8546


Karen Giordano (F)

Room 445 / Ext 4452


Kristine Fitzpatrick (Q)

Room 115 / Ext 8539


Stephanie Gluck (G)

Room 115 / Ext 1150


Marcy Kotler (K)

Room 136 / Ext 8549


Romig Lamothe (T)

Room 156B / Ext 8531


Kendra Lane (L)

Room 132 / Ext 8535


Jodi Millman (E)

Room 132 / Ext 8534


Tara Nunnari (B)

Room 132 / Ext 1321


Mindy Osansky (P)

Room 133 / Ext 8533


Eric Rosen (R)

Room 133 / Ext 8528


Prairna Sethi (S)

Room 156B / Ext 8548


Sakaina Simon (J)

Room 132 / Ext 8536


Megan Thomas (W)

Room 445 / Ext 4451




Carol Ardito

Room 136 / Ext 8599




Kristin Krase

Room 157B / Ext 8569




Maryellen Navarria

Room 436 / Ext 4362


Janelle Stanley

Room 436 / Ext 4362


Safiya Coles

Room 349 / Ext 8556


Tatiana Rodriguez

Room B56A / Ext 5390


Haley Schwartz

Room 269 / Ext 2692