Library Homepage

The school library media specialists acknowledge the importance of nurturing both the personal and the intellectual growth of the school’s students; therefore they provide appropriate collections and well-planned lessons to meet these essential needs. The library media specialists construct their lessons and develop the library collections to accommodate all learning styles and learning abilities. The library collections range in scope to include fiction and nonfiction, biographies, specialized and general encyclopedias, New York City, State and national exam-preparation materials, career and college books, and general and special-interest magazines. These collections include a variety of formats and media; namely, print, audiovisual, (audio, video and DVD), and online-database resources. The online databases provide rich resources for students and faculty for their educational needs, covering all of their courses of study.

The school library media specialists create an inviting atmosphere for the entire school community, students and staff, to enjoy and benefit from the library services in a pleasant and effective manner. The school library media specialists work ceaselessly to promote recreational and thematic reading, as well as support the intellectual and personal interests of all Midwood High School students.