Resources for Teachers & Staff

WEEKLY ATTENDANCE (ALL STAFF members will fill out the weekly attendance recoding form)
ENTRY_EXIT (ALL STAFF must record a late start, early departure, or leave and return)
Tech Support Form
Computer Lab Scheduling (currently unavailable)
Room Change Form (currently unavailable)
Jessica Ross's PD's on AP Classroom and Google Meet:
Google Meet PD (Video on Zoom) 
Passcode: 8z8vtb!#
Passcode: %nzm312N
It may be necessary for students and teachers to find out their Midwood Google username or reset their passwords. Ms. Bommarito and a team of awesome teachers and staff are standing by to assist.

For username and password issues, please email and someone will try to assist you. If you need to reset your password or get your username, please include the student’s name, Official Class and OSIS number in the email.

As always, for issues with Skedula or Pupilpath, you can email the equally awesome Mr. Evans at
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