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Computer Lab Scheduling

Rules for registering for the lab
  1. Reservations must be  requested via the link on the Midwood Page. Reservations will not be honored if they are requested in any other way.

  2. Reservations will be accepted on a first come / first serve basis.

  3. Reservations may only be made up to three weeks in advance.

  4. No reservations will be made less than one day in advance.

  5. No teacher will be able to book the same period more than twice a week unless approved by supervising AP. Please get permission before you make such a request. 

  6. A lab cannot be "scheduled" for the same period every week on a recurring basis.

  7. Teachers may not send substitutes into the lab during their absence.

  8. You must fill out a room change form when moving your class to the lab. You must also notify your AP of lab requests, as well as post a note on your classroom door.