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     Over the past six months we have been working to create a homework policy that balances the need for students to practice skills and examine content with the fact that today's student has many other priorities as well.  As a school community we firmly believe that homework offers students the ability to practice and receive feedback from their teachers.  Teachers have spent the last six months aligning their classroom instruction to this new policy.  The attached policy will be in effect immediately.
Midwood Homework policy 2015.doc
Midwood High School is a large comprehensive high school that serves over 3800 students.  We provide rigorous college preparatory instruction combined with the arts, sports and clubs.  Our school has been nationally ranked in US News and World Report and the New York Post Top 50 high Schools in New York City.  Our Medical Science Program requires 5 years of math and science as well as opportunities in science research.  Our Humanities program requires 1 year of Latin, 3 years of foreign language and electives in Social Studies and English.

Information You Should Know

Effective 02/23/2015
Per. 2   Room 332     Mr. Caldwell 
                                   Mr. Reichelson
Per. 4   Room 355     Ms. Mansour
Per. 5   Room 419     Ms. Alexander
Per. 6   Room 231A   Mr. Fonseca
                                    Mr. Zamor
Per. 8   Room 333      Mr. Rameau
Per. 9    Room 332     Ms. Burch
                                    Mr. Pestano   
Per. 10  Room 332     Ms. Bang 
                                    Mr. Walters     
If these periods are not
convenient for you,
the peer tutoring
room 403 is available.




The Citywide Council on High Schools {CCHS}
is an advisory body concerned
with the education of high school students.
The CCHS is responsible for issuing an
annual report on how effectively
high school students are served by
the NYC Department of Education and
for making recommendations for improvements.
The CCHS must hold at least one
public meeting per month during
which the public may discuss
issues concerning high schools. 
You are eligible to run if you are a parent of a
 student currently attending a public,
non-charter high school.
During the 2015 Selection Process, parents
 can apply to serve on CCHS at
(on or after February 11, 2015).
The application period ends at 11:59 pm on March 11, 2015.









Visit to
purchase an ad for this year's yearbook
or personalize your yearbook with a name stamp.
Senior dues this year will be $135.00.
Payment is to be made in the form of a money order only made payable to Midwood High School.
No personal checks or cash will be accepted. Students will receive a receipt for your records.
There will be no refunds.
Payment of senior dues will be now be collected Tuesday through Thursday,
during 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th period in Room 335.

Students will see Ms. Grabowski {Senior Advisor} to make payment.
Payment of senior dues does not mean students have met diploma requirements or that students may attend Graduation. Only those students who have fulfilled diploma requirements by June 2015 may attend the graduation ceremony. 
Senior dues must be paid no later than Wednesday, February 11, 2015.
If the dues are not paid by Wednesday, February 11, 2015, a yearbook will not be ordered and students will not be guaranteed a cap/gown in their size or a senior t-shirt.

Dear Parents,
The NYC Department of Education
works with the US Department of Education
and the National Student Clearinghouse to
provide information on high school graduates'
college performance. In order for the DOE to
collect data and information on FAFSA
completion and college enrollment from the
US Department of Education and the NSC
the DOE will be sharing names, addresses,
grade levels and dates of birth of students.
For the DOE to do this, federal law regarding
student privacy requires us to provide you
with notice and an opportunity for you to
instruct the DOE not to release information.
If you completed an Opt-Out form last year
concerning these designations, your opt-out
remains effective and there is no need to
resubmit this form.
Completed Opt-Out forms must be
returned to room 135 by
Wednesday, February 25, 2015.
Please see attached Opt-Out form.
National Student Clearing House Opt Out Form.pdf
Programming & Class Equalization
Midwood High School is a term school.
Students receive programs at the
beginning of each term.
Programming any school, but
especially one as large as
Midwood High School, is a challenging
task and typically results in the
need for program changes.
The need for changes can include errors,
oversights, and most importantly
the need to equalize class sizes
according to union rules.
By union contract all
schools have the first ten {10}
days of school each term to
finalize the equalization process.
Unfortunately this process often
leads to students receiving
program changes that they did
not request. While we recognize
the initial disruption that this
causes to students, it is necessary
and part of the mandatory process.
It is important that parents and students
understand that these changes may
occur randomly for any students during
the first 10 days of the semester.
We ask for your patience and
understanding during this process.
Midwood High School's programming
office cannot accommodate individual
students personal programming needs
i.e., before/after school responsibilities,
Each term parents and students
{at each grade level} must assume
that their school can start as early
as 1st period {7:15A.M.} and end as
late as 10th period {3:30P.M.}.    

Summer Institute is for young women
in high school in New York City
and who can commit to a
full-time summer program.
The program is completely free
and students will receive a stipend
to help pay for the
subway and lunch. 
Applications are accepted
on a rolling basis and strongly
encourage students to send
in the application as early as possible
spaces in the programs fill up quickly!
To apply to the Summer Institute
Sadie Nash Application.pdf
We encourage families to complete
their School Meals Application
online so that they will not need
to submit a paper form.

Please see attachment for  policy regarding
student eligibility for participation in senior events.
Bell Schedule.docx
Extended Bell Schedule
Extended Bell Schedule.docx
Please fill out the following form and
join our distribution list. 

Dear Parents & Guardians,
For the safety and well-being of your child it is imperative
that we
have accurate biographical and emergency contact
information on
file for both you and your child. 
All changes of address, phone numbers,
 cell phone numbers,
guardianship and emergency contact persons must
be reported
to your child’s guidance counselor. 
According to the
Chancellor’s Regulations, all changes of
address must be accompanied by a gas, electrical, or water bill. 
 A mortgage statement is acceptable as well.  If you rent and do not
pay utilities, a notarized letter from your landlord is required.  
Additionally, change of guardianship requires a notarized form which
is available at our school. 
Fern Bren
Assistant Principal
Pupil Personnel Service

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 17
Parent Association Meeting
College Readiness for Juniors
Wednesday, March 25
Report Card
Thursday, March 26
Parent/Teacher Conference
Friday, March 27
Parent/Teacher Conference
Friday, April 3
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