Midwood High School Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Families and Students

I have a 95 average.  Will I get in?

A:  Midwood does not select students.  The DOE does based on their tiered policy for the screened programs.  LASI is a lottery based system.


I don’t have a high average.  Can I still get into Midwood? 

A: Yes, but Liberal Arts and Science (LASI) would be your best chance because it is a lottery and not based on the tier system      


Is Midwood safe?

A: Midwood is not a scanning school due to low incident numbers.  There are 12 Deans and an Assistant Principal of Safety.


How many students are enrolled? 

A: Over 4,000.


What is the average class size?

A: 34 students.


Can I take AP classes as a 9th grader?

A: There are no AP offerings for grade 9.  They begin in grade 10.


What AP classes do you offer?

A: Click here to see AP classes


Can  I transfer from one program to another once I get in?

A: Yes, depending on your grades.  You can speak with your counselor in December/January.


Can we go out to lunch?

A: No.  Midwood is a “closed campus.”


Do we have to change for Physical Education?  Is there a Physical Education uniform? 

A: You must wear attire appropriate for gym activity.   There is a uniform but purchasing it is optional.


Are there lockers? 

A: No.  There are lockers you can use just for Physical Education class, but they  will not be accessible throughout the day and can only be during Physical Education class.


What time does the day start and end?

A: Almost all 9th graders begin at 8:55 AM and end at 3: 30 PM.  As you move up in grades, you will likely start earlier. Any Midwood student may start as early as 7:15 AM and end as late as 3:30 PM.  


I am taking a Regents exam in 8th grade.  What will I take next year?

A: You must pass the Regents exam in order to be advanced into the next course. For example, if you pass the Algebra Regents, you will be moved to Geometry.  Science placement depends on the course you took in 8th grade and your Regents grade.  9th graders who pass the ELA Regents will be accelerated to 10th grade English. 9th graders who pass the Global Regents will be accelerated to the second year of Global History. If you do not pass the EXAM, you will repeat the course in H.S.  


What extracurricular activities are there?

A: See the list of extracurricular activities found here


What PSAL sports teams are there? 

A: See the list of PSAL sports teams found here


What are the requirements to participate in PSAL sports?

A: Students must earn 5 credits in their academic courses and P.E. every marking period.   Students must also maintain a 90% attendance rate. 


My child has an IEP.  What services do they get? 

A: Students get the services indicated on their IEP. 


What is the school policy on homework?

A: Students can get up to 20-30 minutes of homework a night in each class. Some subjects may not assign nightly homework.  AP classes can give more than 30 minutes of homework.


Wait a minute!  For Med Sci, it says I need 5 years of Science!  How is that possible in 4 years of High School?

A: As you advance in grades, you will take 2 Science classes at the same time.


 I live far away.  How do I get my child on a yellow bus?

A: To get a yellow bus, it must be mandated on their IEP.  Most students receive MetroCards.


What languages does Midwood offer?

A:  Spanish and French.


Is tutoring available?

A:  Yes, tutoring is available in all major subject areas.


When will my lunch period be?

A: Anytime between period 3 and 9.  Lunch periods cannot be changed.