Mission Statement

Midwood High School is a comprehensive high school located in the center of Brooklyn.
The school enrolls approximately 4,000 students and is comprised of three main programs: Medical Science, Humanities, and Liberal Arts.

We provide rigorous college preparatory instruction combined with the arts, sports and clubs. Our school has been nationally ranked in US News and World Report and the New York Post Top 50 high Schools in New York City. Our Medical Science Program requires 5 years of math and science as well as opportunities in science research. Our Humanities program requires 1 year of Latin, 3 years of foreign language and electives in Social Studies and English.
The school boasts an extensive array of programs including, but not limited to:
  • Science and Social Science Research,
  • 32 Varsity and Junior Varsity Athletic Teams,
  • A Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Program with approximately 60 student volunteers,
  • Theater, arts and performance music,
  • Dozens of extra-curricular clubs and activities,
  • SING

The Faculty and Staff at Midwood High School are dedicated to:

  • Promoting a challenging academic atmosphere and encouraging students to achieve their personal best,
  • Instilling Midwood's core values of HONESTY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY,
  • Preparing students to establish goals for the future and develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills for life-long growth,
  • Ensuring a safe, open and nurturing environment for both students and faculty,
  • Fostering a community that embraces cultural, academic and intellectual diversity.
The school's instructional focus includes using technology to enhance the educational environment and engage students in the learning process.