Technology Policy

Devices (laptops, chromebooks, etc)
1. All students and staff have the option to sign-out a NYC DOE approved device that Midwood HS has available to use. These are referred to as Borrowed Devices. Borrowed Devices are only to be distributed by Mr. Kraszewski, or one of the techs, in office 227.
     a. Student and staff devices are different, and exist on different profiles.
     b. Each person has to sign out a device on their own behalf.
     c. Parents can sign out a device for a student.
2. Borrowed Devices can only be signed out one at a time. No short term devices will be given out to students or staff.
3. Borrowed Devices must be returned upon request, or before student/staff permanently depart from Midwood.
4. The Borrowed Devices that are signed out should only be used for NYC DOE related work.
5. All NYC DOE devices provided by Midwood HS are intended for use at home, but can also be brought into the building at the discretion of the borrower.
6. Midwood HS does not mandate that any staff or student bring a device with them.
7. If a Borrowed Device is lost, stolen or damaged, staff and students should email or see Mr. Kraszewski, or another tech in office (227) as soon as possible. The tech office will then take appropriate steps/follow official NYC DOE guidance on lost/stolen/damaged devices. All students & staff are expected to abide by DOE policies as well.
8. The tech office will put in a repair request for the device with the DIIT. Students and staff should not put in their own requests.
9. Repairs will often take time. Broken Borrowed Devices are expected to be left in 227 until they are repaired. We will not issue replacement devices except in extenuating circumstances.
Laptop / Chromebook Carts
10. Laptop carts are provided in almost every classroom for student use. In addition, there are multiple spaces for staff to work. The students may use the library for computer/tech needs as well.
11. The computers in the laptop carts should never be removed for use outside of their assigned classroom. If students or staff need a computer for use outside of a cart's assigned classroom, please see the section- "Borrowed Devices."
12.Teachers are responsible for reporting any tech issues with carts to Mr. Kraszewski by filling out a Tech Support ticket on the Midwood website.
13.Teachers are responsible for reporting any missing cart devices to their immediate supervisor. The supervisor will then inform Mr. Kraszewski, Mr. Franzese and Dr. Quinlan. If the supervisor is absent, the teacher should reach out to Mr. Kraszewski or Mr. Franzese.
14.Laptop Carts should only be open when devices are being distributed. Laptop Carts should never be left open unsupervised.
15.Teacher should collect a student ID when giving out chromebooks to students. 
16. In general, when technology breaks, staff should report it to Mr. Kraszewski for repair or guidance. All tech issues should be reported via the Tech Support form on the Midwood HS website. Technology refers to all devices that are located in the building and include any classroom computers, printers, smartboards and any other DOE issued equipment.