Letter from the Parent Coordinator

Dear Families, Welcome to Midwood High School! My name is Christina Beahan, and, as the parent coordinator, I am here to help. I am also the parent of a 9th grader so I will be going through the NYC public high school years right alongside you.

My office is located in Room 135 and my hours are 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. Feel free to contact me regarding any concerns or questions.

Contact Information

* Phone: 718-724-8500 Ext. 1358

* Office of Parent Coordinator: Room 135

* Email: cbeahan@schools.nyc.gov

The purpose of the Parent Coordinator is to maintain a strong sense of community within the school and ensure that parents have all the information they need to support their students as well as to keep you informed of the resources, activities, and events that the school offers.

Our students thrive when all of our community stakeholders: parents, teachers, guidance counselors, administration, coaches, staff, and alumni work together to help guide them. Parents, please remember that you are a vital team member in the academic and social success of your child. You are encouraged to be an active participant in your child's education. Our PA (Parents Association) has monthly meetings, and several events and workshops throughout the year that may benefit your family. Joining the PA, or at least participating in a few events, can forge relationships that can help your child’s future success.

In order to stay aware of what takes place here at Midwood, please ensure your contact information is always current and updated. The best way to track your student’s progress including grades, attendance, and more is to log on to your NYC Schools Account. If you need an account creation code, please let me know. Other great ways to get information are on our website www.midwoodhighschool.org and social media accounts. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest highlights and announcements.

On behalf of the entire Midwood family, we wish your child an extraordinary school year!


Christina Beahan Parent Coordinator, Midwood High School